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Below are a sample of testimonials
left by previous delegates.
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Thank you for all your kind comments!
Name: KK
Mentor AKT Jan 2018
Passed First Attempt with 86.5%
One of the best decisions I have made was to attend 'Mentor AKT' course
timed about 8 weeks before the exam. Dr Giam gave me the 'paddles' to row
through the rough sea of AKT - the course was intense, focused not only at
the AKT but beyond and the course handouts are like a 'compass' in a sea of
knowledge. I passed with an overall score of 86.5% and I am ever grateful to
Dr Giam for his mentorship.
I look forward to attend his CSA course.

Name : FT
Mentor CSA Oct 2017
Just got the results. You predicted a score of high 90's - I scored 102!
I followed your strategy to the book - Story - Symptom - System
And smashed it! You are so right in that it is about behaviours not diagnoses
or doing millions of cases. Just doing a certain selection of cases in the
RIGHT way using your Confucian / Marcus Aurelius technique!
Thanks Nigel! And big thanks to your CSA role players also for the honest
feedback and humour to go with!

Name : AM
Mentor CSA August 2017
Just been on the Dr Nigel Giam - Mentor CSA Course.
Wanted to highlight the strengths of this course for others
Small numbers - limited to 6- this allows plenty of time for
personal feedback and quality of feedback is amazing! Dr Giam makes
detailed written notes on everyone and consolidates this after each round of
practice for each individual. Have been on courses where numbers are
larger and quality has been definitely been sacrificed for quantity with
generic feedback. Would not recommend a course with larger numbers - it
is just too rushed, feedback is impersonal and cases synthetic -
6 or less is perfect and I think Dr Giam has optimised the format really well
to ensure maximal/optimal/personal focus.
the AMAZING CSA role players - acting was superb and feedback
again spot on. Great to have repeated guaranteed practice with male and
female CSA simulators. Have been on other courses where professional
role players are not used and this really again compromises quality  and
underestimates the challenges as well giving false reassurances
with regards the nature of the CSA .
Role Plays replayed - Dr Giam actually plays out the role plays again with
the actors to demonstrate a fail proof technique - this was really unique - not
done on other courses and a big highlight with regards to
consolidating POSITIVE CSA behaviours.
Cases are also high challenge and multilayered.
CSA technique - this is a major strength - Dr Giam really knows how this
works - the fact he focuses on your individual behaviours as opposed to
taking a generic or case based approach makes all the difference. At the
end of the day there are over 800 cases in the RCGP bank, can't revise
everything so much more important to focus on technique to deal with any
case and more importantly skills for life! With that said the CSA cases on
Mentor Course are high yield and high challenge and push you to perfect
your own technique in the right way. He also gives you a mark according to
your performance and higlights how to aim for top marks with the time you
have left to prepare. I know from other STs that he is pretty spot on!
5. It was
DAMN FUN!!!! - have not laughed so much in a long time - just the
tonic I needed! Thanks so much for the tough love and +ve Energy! The
perfect balance of honest, pin point critique and support. It is clear Dr Giam
has an amazing working relationship with his role players and this really
brings the course an extra dynamic which I have not seen on other courses.

Name : AH
Mentor CSA Sept 2017
A strategic course which highlights behavioural technique for the CSA.
Before attending Mentor CSA - I did go on another course for the CSA where
the course organiser played out all the role plays himself and personally I
felt that this was not reflective of the challenges that the CSA presents. I
also was exhausted watching role play after role play without the
appropriate discussion about personal technique. It gave me false
reassurances about the exam. I believe it is really important to have
professional CSA role players and Dr Giam's course is much more reflective
of how tough this exam can be. The cases on his course were tough! And
rightly so. Having had friends who have failed the CSA and been on other
courses and now having attended Dr Giam's course  myself- I recommend
you go for this as much more cost effective and you will learn much more in
terms of technique as the feedback is much more personal.
Go for quality rather than quantity! Thanks Mentor CSA!

Name : Pearl
Mentor AKT and CSA Spring 2017
Passed both first time :)
comments = Thank you Dr G for getting me through both the AKT and CSA
first time around... Really great strategies and advice on how to revise for
the exams. I would definitely recommend both your courses (after all you
were recommended by a friend who has also successfully passed the CSA
after attending your course)!

Name : NP
Mentor CSA - Feb 2017 for May 2017 sitting
I attended Dr Giam's Course in February following a recommendation from
two other friends who had attended the Mentor CSA.
I sat the CSA in May and passed 1st time.
Dr Giam's course is well structured and has a good focus on what is
required for the CSA. I picked up really helpful tips and incorporated them
into my consultations. I found the course fun, interactive and I would highly
recommend to others!

Name : MT
Mentor CSA May 2017
I scored 98! The course was instrumental in my pass. I really understood
what the examiners were looking for and more importantly Nigel teaches it
in such a fluent and fun way, that it goes beyond the CSA. If you read the
other testimonials, I agree it has changed my consultation style for the
better and I apply it everyday.

Name : S Mukherjee
Mentor CSA 1-1 May 2017
I attended Dr. Giam's 1-1 course about 2 months before my exam. It was my
second sitting. I found his advice about being more patient centred very
helpful which was actually my weak point. I role played a lot with all his tips
intensively after the course. It definitely helped me to pass this time.
Many thanks Dr. Giam!

Name : Ashraf
Mentor AKT and CSA May 2017
Dear Nigel
Can I take this opportunity to thank you for all the support and help in my
preparation for CSA. Today I got my CSA  result and I passed my CSA with
good marks. I did Nigel's course for AKT, CSA and then 1:1 course as well.
Nigel's course played a very important role in my success of CSA and I will
certainly recommend it to all my colleagues.
I must say Nigel's Courses are the BEST course for AKT and CSA exams.
Once again millions of thanks Nigel for all of your help.
Kind regards

Name : PA
Mentor AKT and Stats April 2017
The Mentor AKT course was recommended to me by an OOH supervisor. I
decided to attend the course even though I had to travel a long distance. I'm
glad I did as it helped me pass at my first sitting. The course provided a
focussed approach to the exams, and the key point was to attend to the
questions the way you would treat a patient.
The statistics section was wonderfully simplified!
The timing of the course was also good - about 5 weeks to the exam, giving
enough time to apply the skills gained in the final preparation.
The course materials are very good for final revisions.
I will 110% recommend this course for the AKT, and it is important to go
through the pre-course questions beforehand.

Name : Jack J
Mentor CSA March 2017
The CSA is a tough exam to crack and one that I had received such varied
"expert" advice as to how to do well in. All I can say is that Nigel's course
was by far the most appropriate, structured and applicable to my CSA exam
day experience and the one resource I found most useful above all others.
Being in a smaller group was obviously rather intimidating but, in retrospect,
this tough love method gives you specific areas and techniques to work on
rather than more generic advice.
I would highly recommend this course to others and place a huge amount of
thanks with Nigel and his set of excellent role players in my successful
passing at the first attempt of an exam that is stressful on both the mind
and wallet!

Name : Marcus McEwen
Mentor CSA Feb 2017
An absolutely brilliant course, taught in a very energetic positive way, with
lots of laughter, yet at the same time very honest helpful feedback. An
intense day, with not a moment wasted, and really gives value for money
compared to other courses with lots of practice. It not only helps pass the
CSA (I passed with a score of 88), but helps you develop skills that I now use
in everyday GP consultations.
Nigel is such fun and would recommend the course to anyone!

Name : HR
Mentor CSA Feb 2017
I had failed the exam twice before seeing Dr G. I love his Confucian approach
to teaching. Nice to be important - much more important to be nice.
Nice / Firm / Fair - feedback sharp and to the point.
Just what I needed!
Strategic teaching- highly highly recommended!

Name : TG
Mentor CSA Feb 2017
You predicted I could score 100 - I scored 99!
Thanks Mentor CSA for a fab learning experience-
Fun, Focussed - Fantastic!

Name : Dan S
Mentor CSA Feb 2017
Mentor CSA is a real eye-opener. Nigel teaches in a very fluid and narrative
driven way which underpins a highly strategic approach to the CSA and
indeed real life. You have to choose to believe and if you do - you will nail this
exam - as I did. Thanks Nigel!

Name : KS
Mentor AKT Dec 2016 for Jan 2017 sitting
I had failed 3 times before I came to see you.
Having attended Mentor AKT and Mentor AKT Stats - it completely changed
the way I revised. Working SMART rather than HARD. I smashed the STATS!
Scored 100% having previously only scored in the 50's. Thanks so much for
such an amazing course - it beats everything out there hands down!

Name : SD
Mentor AKT Dec 2016 and Mentor AKT Stats Dec 2016
I PASSED!!!!! :)))))
I was just opening up my email to write you a thank you note before I saw
your message.I want to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for all your advice
and support. I really honestly don't think I could have done it without your
help.Your Courses were a Godsend. I am so pleased I attended and I am so
grateful you do them. It was one of the best decisions I've ever.
It really made all the difference.
I can't quite believe it, but I scored the highest in Stats! This was the lowest
of my scores in my first attempt despite me reading several Statistic books!
Likewise, for your AKT Course, the Standard was a lot higher than other
courses out there and really made me think about the level of detail and
knowledge required for the exam.
Thank you Dr. Giam. From the bottom of my heart, I am truly grateful!

Name :  Aktharuz Zaman
Mentor AKT Stats Dec 2016
Scored 80%
Very useful course, just follow Dr Giam's material,
Highly recommend this course. Thanks Dr Nigel Giam

Name : Celine
Mentor CSA Dec 2016
Not surprised to have had such a great experience on the CSA course after
the AKT course I did recently. I could write an essay to justify my bold claim
that this course gives you all the tools you need to succeed. Suffice to say i
think the winning combination is an exceptional teacher who really
understands the exam, and also thanks to small groups very quickly
understands you. The most constructive feedback I've had for a while in
training and a long list of things to take back to practice as well as to the
exam. Thanks again Dr Giam!

Name : D Shah
Mentor CSA Nov 2016
Just got my results - smashed it with a score of 98! You said I would score
mid-90's and you were spot on. The same goes for the feedback on the
course and the fact that you demonstrated your own technique with the
amazing role players was unique compared to other courses.

Name : H Ghosh
Mentor CSA Nov 2016
I think the best aspect is the humour Dr Giam brings to the course. There is
so much laughter that it is impossible not to feel the buzz of the positive
energy in the room. I passed the CSA 1st time - credit to you Dr G!

Name : DL
Mentor CSA Nov 2016
Attended CSA course in September. Highly recommended course, small
groups - good range of cases, good participation with honest constructive
feedback given. Nigel Giam really knows what the examiners are looking for,
really helpful hints and tips. Predicted I would get mid 80's and passed at
first attempt in November with a mark of 86. Would not hesitate to
recommend course to others! Thank you Dr Giam.

Name : Celine
Mentor AKT Oct 2016
This was the course that made the difference for me (I did a few!) and
helped me really get focussed revision wise. It was great learning in small
friendly groups and really useful other information sources were
signposted. The course handouts are incredibly high yield material to revise
from. A very inspiring teacher who packed a huge amount of knowledge into
one day not just for the exam but for being a good GP too.
Very grateful, and coming back for CSA guidance next!

Name : FH
Mentor AKT and Stats  - Oct 2016 sitting
Loved the small group teaching which allowed me to ask q's as we went
along as opposed  to the other courses where there were close to 100
people in a hotel conference room. Nigel's personality and enthusiasm
made the course an enjoyable experience and his extra tips for optimising
exam technique were not only invaluable in my preparation but weren't
mentioned by other trainees, my trainer or my PD's. Many thanks Nigel!

Name : B Babu
Mentor AKT Oct 2016
I found this course to be extremely beneficial, giving me the extra push that I
needed to pass this exam (having sat for it twice before). The course is
pretty intense, very focused and helped me target my revision knowing that
the exam content can be so vast. Dr. Giam provides a lot of guidance on the
statistics, making it very easy to understand and this definitely helped me
score in my exam this time. Thank you Dr. Giam!

Name : S Rahman
Mentor AKT and CSA - Oct 2016 sitting
I attended Nigel Giam's Mentor course for the AKT and CSA after initially
failing both, I found the courses instrumental in passing . I felt I was steered
in the right direction with excellent advice on how to tackle both exams with
excellent feedback.
The teaching was informative and up to date with current guidance. I felt
very confident going into both exams after each course .
I have attended the other common courses advertised but
Mentor MRCGP is definitely the best!  

Name : TR
Mentor CSA Nov 2016
Nigel Giam is an excellent CSA teacher. He is astute, enthusiastic and has
relevant experience to guide trainees preparing for the exam. A challenging,
but definitely worthwhile course to attend for all trainees!

Name : S Eriksson
Mentor AKT Oct 2016
Fantastic course, changed the way I revised. Extremely useful handouts and
statistics session. I scored 80% in statistics and couldn't have done without
Dr Giam's course. Will definitely be back for CSA course!

Name : S Ali
Mentor CSA Oct 2016
Dr Giam is a true Mentor, his course is a must have before you sit CSA. The
skills I learnt from him on the course not only helped me successfully pass
CSA but have helped me manage my day to day consultations as well.

Name : M Hassan
Mentor CSA Oct 2016
I would like thank Dr Nigel Giam for his endless help, courses, online Mentor
consults, his very honest assessment and advice which helped me to pass
CSA on my third attempt in October . Dr Giam " Thanks for saving my career
and my family's future". I was told that I am a perfect GP by my GP
supervisor and my patients but I was left helpless and devastated when I
failed CSA , not once but twice in Feb and April. I contacted Dr Giam who saw
me as a 1:1 course in his house in June and he opened my eyes about what
the exam is all about ! He assessed my personal and individual defaults and
problems . He gave me a detailed assessment with a working plan which I
followed. Then I did a CSA course in September at St. Mary's hospital and he
assessed my performance as good and he told me that I will score upper
70s score! I passed CSA in October. Thank you Dr Giam for every thing and I
am grateful to God that you are around to help GP trainees in UK otherwise it
would have been so devastating.

Name : FC
Mentor CSA Oct 2016
Passed CSA on 3rd Attempt
Dr Giam's course needs you to leave any pre-conceptions, judgements and
previous negativity about failure behind you.  On attending you have a clean
slate, I approached the course with openess and had an enjoyable day
where I got to understand all aspects of the exam, practice cases and
receive direct feedback and input from actors; highlighting my strengths
and weaknesses.  It is really as simple as "have no fixed structure" and
follow your patient.  In the exam you will not get stuck with a blank mind
because you'll always think back to "story, symptom, system" and be able
to get your thoughts back on track.  My colleague and I both did Dr Giam's
course and both passed!  Bravo Team Mentor CSA!!!  Thank you so much!

Name : AA
Mentor CSA Oct 2016
Passed CSA on 1st Attempt
I attended Dr Giam's Course in August 2016 and passed my CSA in October
2016 at 1st attempt!  Thank you Dr Giam for the mentorship and running a
brilliant, interactive, and engaging course.  I learnt it is important not to have
a rigid structure, follow "story, symptom, system" and respond to the
patient's cues immediately.
Next time please have both meat and vegetarian food options, lol!  
I highly recommend your course and I'm grateful for your guidance with
exam preparation.

Name : Sara Fernandez
I am a GP from Spain in the Induction & Refresher Scheme, I attended the
course in May and I passed the CSA exam in July at first attempt.
All the information, the videos and the practical cases from this course
were essential for my preparation.
I'm very gratefutl  for your help Dr Giam - you are an excellent professional.

Name : Lorena
Mentor CSA 1-1 July 2016
For any doctor who is preparing the I&R scheme simulated surgery
I highly recommend a course with Dr Giam.
1-1 course was fantastic and gave me really good tips for the exam. I felt so
confident and I attained a really good mark.
Thank you Nigel!

Name : CK
Mentor CSA May 2016
Dr Nigel Giam's course was far better than any other I participated in, and
without a doubt the very one that helped me re-find my confidence and got
me through the CSA on my 3rd attempt!
Unlike other courses, this one wastes no time on platitudes or introductory
info that can easily be found online; instead this is the course that provides
the most turns at role-play with realistic actors and excellent constructive
feedback written on a mark scheme referring to the 16 domains used in the
CSA. Dr Giam encourages candidates to be themselves and fully engage
with the actor as a real patient, which makes for a natural consultation
style, where picking up and responding to verbal and non-verbal cues
becomes much more fluent and genuine. As a group of 6 we learnt a lot
from each other in a friendly atmosphere with plenty of nerve-calming
humour. Thank you ever so much, Nigel!

Name : Leon B
Mentor CSA May 2016 and 1-1
My heartfelt thanks to Dr Giam. I speak from a 27 point increase in on my
second attempt at the CSA. Dr Giam is excellent in getting the best out of a
candidate. Would strongly recommend Dr Giam's courses to anyone who
wishes to pass the CSA and is willing to work hard.

Name : Daniel G
Mentor CSA May 2016
Yes! A pass of 96!
You predicted I could aim high - so I went for it with your strategic tips and
your voice in my head to guide me. I felt refreshed after attending your
course and feel like I can really enjoy the narrative now.
Thanks Nigel!

Name : TH
Mentor CSA May 2016
I think what will stay with me is just how fun this course is. Nigel and the role
players have an infectious sense of humour and you leave the day feeling
that you have been filled with positive energy. I took this into the exam, with
adverse circumstances around me, and passed well.
Always stay positive - thanks for Nigel for the Mentoring and ongoing
encouragement. Could not have completed this journey without you!

Name : KC
Mentor CSA 1-1 May 2016
Dr Nigel Giam's one-to-one CSA sessions are very personalised and an
invaluable resource for candidates who feel they need a very intensive
preparation. It is so useful to review the recordings at home and reinforce
the feedback and alternatives to less than ideal phrases, questions,
mannerisms, negotiating strategies (or lack thereof) etc – I've found this
much more useful than any of the many books I used in preparation for the
CSA, and having passed I realise that this was the method that really
worked for me, as it clearly also has for hundreds of others. These sessions
were an excellent investment! Thanks very much, Dr Giam!

Name : MK
Mentor CSA 1-1 and May 2016
I had failed the exam 3 times before coming on this course.
I jumped from the low 60's to high 80's after attending the 1-1 and with
consolidation of learning from the group course. Online consults were also
excellent. This is the ONE and ONLY course if you are thinking of attending a
prep course for CSA. But go early!

Name : M Sattar
Mentor CSA May 2016
This is an intensive and focussed course.  Dr Giam teaches an approach to
the CSA which if followed will improve your consultations to reach success!  
I have used the skills in daily practice and this has even led to patients
writing in saying they felt 'listened to and included in the management of
their conditions!'  The course is personal and specifically identifies your
learning needs.  This course invokes real change!

Name : JH
Mentor CSA May 2016
Covered a number of high challenge cases and received very specific
feedback on areas to work on. I felt much more confident going into the CSA
having been through so many areas where candidates come unstuck. I
really enjoyed the day and it was super helpful to say all the ridiculous things
I might otherwise have said in the exam! Highly recommended.

Name : Jaishri Teckchandani
Mentor CSA May 2016
Very useful course in terms of preparation towards CSA.
Wide complex, ethical cases - lots of practice opportunity to face CSA in a
confident, positive manner.
Thanks very much Dr Giam!

Name : GT
Mentor CSA May 2016
Hi Dr Giam - Just to let you know I passed my exams
(first sitting) with a good score of 89!
Thank you for your course- I'm sure you get this all the time
and I'd like to add my 'thank you' to the list.
Mentor CSA set me on course for the exam. My trainer was very supportive
and got me to draw out a consultation model based on what you'd taught.
We used this for my shared surgeries/COTS till the exam. I also went
through your you tube videos which were fantastic. I can go on about how
useful I found the course but won't like to bore you. So here's a lot of
gratitude from another 'good' doctor you've helped make 'better'.

Name : Yamini Malhotra
Mentor CSA May 2016
I found the course very useful, it was very different.
The emotions felt real.
The pattern of consultation felt very natural - a dialogue between two people.

Name : Rasha A
Mentor AKT and AKT Stats April 2016
Awesome mentor really, thorough detailed notes and handouts which are
brilliant! Nice enjoyable courses attended! Also the questions used in the
courses are really useful for preparation for the AKT!
I definitely 100% recommend all the Mentor courses!
Thanks a million!

Name : N A
Mentor AKT Stats April 2016
Thank you Nigel for all your help and support! Your course was exactly what
was needed, it was concise, precise, informative and covered the main
'need to know' topics without the unneccessary information. I would
recommend it to future GP trainees! Thank you again!

Name : S Ali
Mentor AKT April 2016
Passed AKT in 3rd Attempt
Many thanks for being a true Mentor. Without attending your course and
support I would not have passed my AKT.
I would highly recommend this course to everyone who is keen to
pass their AKT in first attempt.

Name : Nikoletta Pocsi
Mentor AKT April 2016
Great course! Lots of relevant information and new guidelines! Passed the
AKT for first attempt with statistics score of 70% which would have been
close to zero without attending this course! Highly recommended!

Name : RT
Mentor CSA April 2016
I had heard so much about this course from colleagues.
It really does live up to expectations and more!
Nigel creates a really fun atmosphere - his positive energy is infectious.
No matter where you have come from - he will bring you together.
This goes way beyond a CSA Course - it is a timely reminder of why you
wanted to be a doctor in the first place. I loved the narrative based approach
and his own stories are brilliant anecdotes!
Thanks so much for sharing.

Name : VR
Mentor CSA April 2016
Attended the course in Feb 2016 for an April sitting and passed first time. I
was recommended to attend this course by 6 different GP trainees -
they all took the course and also passed first time!

Name : M French
Mentor CSA March 2016
By way of a testimony I'd say the course was fantastic. Run in an informal
yet very professional manner, it was actually a really enjoyable day. Dr Giam
has developed a simple technique to tackle the CSA that is boiled down to
the bare bones. It's more of a mindset than mantra and will show you that
there is really no need to try memorise CSA cases from books. He has a
tremendous ability to highlight personal areas that you can work on to
maximise your potential and chance of success in the CSA. More
importantly I have been using some of the skills I picked up on the day in
everyday consultations and it has enhanced my enjoyment of General
Practice. Have a look at the website and podcast and if it appeals to your
way of thinking then you should go on the course.
I went on the course 6 weeks before my CSA and found it was plenty of time
to sharpen up my consultations.

Name : ES
Mentor CSA March 2016
Score 105!
Amazing course - feedback as it should be - personal, critical as needs be
but most importantly honest and constructive.
A strategic course to take you way beyond the CSA!
Nigel predicted I would score above 100 and I did!

Name : TD
Mentor CSA March 2016
I had failed the exam twice before attending Nigel's course. If only I had
attended before my first sitting! I would saved myself a lot of stress, pain
and money!! My marks jumped from 56 to 92! No crosses on the grid.
Nigel is the ultimate Mentor! Teacher and Guru!

Name : TJ
Mentor CSA March 2016
This course was highly recommended by friends, colleagues and my
Trainer. I did it about 10 weeks before the exam. It gave me a real insight of
how to prepare and how to structure consultations for the CSA. The tips and
advice from Nigel were invaluable. We learned how to best structure the
Data Gathering, how to ensure marks are gained/not lost for Interpersonal,
and maybe most importantly, how to do well in the Management section by
keeping it simple. The practice and watching others for a total of 24 role
plays, as well as feedback from Nigel and the actors is great. I found the
Mentor Consults as a good tool to consolidate attending the course.
In summary, I think attending was the difference between passing and not
getting through, and am pleased that I was able to pass first time.

Name : MC
Mentor CSA March 2016
I used to hate role play scenarios and was dreading the CSA until I attended
Dr Giam's course.  It completely transformed my attitude to the exam and
preparation for it.  He teaches a superb and flexible strategy to use in the
undifferentiated diagnosis cases which gives you the best chance of
maximising your marks in the three domains. Practising cases with the
excellent actors and receiving individual and brutally honest feedback was
incredibly useful.  I can't recommend the course highly enough.

Name : SJ
Mentor CSA March 2016
This course was concise, delivered in a brilliant way and allowed you to
practise a varied amount of cases. The concept of following the story, then
the symptom and then system is unique and really does help in the CSA.  
The individualised tailored feedback really helps hone in on your skills and
gets improvements quickly.

Name : RK
Mentor CSA March 2016
Attended the course with few weeks to exam and picked up lots of hints and
tips that helped with the structure of my consultation , the videos on the
website are top rate and Nigel himself is an amazing mentor, I highly
recommend Nigel's course.

Name : Zuhaib K
Mentor CSA March 2016
Very direct and informative course. Nigel gives an easy to follow 'dummies
guide' to pass the exam. Plenty of opportunity to practice with real CSA
actors with honest, direct and constructive feedback. If you want a no
nonsense course with an accurate guide of how to do well in the CSA this
course is for you. Highly recommended!

Name : Emma Tait
Mentor CSA - Feb 2016 sitting
Score 104
Dr Giam's course was very helpful in preparing for the CSA. It had lots of
useful, but concise information regarding the exam and how to approach it
but the most useful bit was the role plays - due to the small group size
everyone had four rounds with the actors, the cases were extremely
representative of the actual CSA cases and it was encouraging to see your
scores improve with each practice! It was good to do it a couple of months
beforehand as it really helped in gauging where I was and what I needed to
focus on, it was also extremely helpful in improving my confidence and
feeling like I knew what was coming. I would highly recommend it!

Name : AN
Mentor CSA Feb 2016
Just a quick email to update you ... myself and RW took your Mentor CSA
prep course on the 9th Nov, it was a good course and you gave a prediction
of how you thought we might score.
A friend of mine, PM also took the course at a later date.
Your prediction was that with a bit of extra preparation prior to the exam
that R & P should score in the 80's and I could get into the 90's.
You were spot on!
We all passed first time with R&P both mid 80's and I got 95.
Many thanks for all of the help you and your 2 actors provided, I know the 3
of us have recommended your course to others.

Name: HT
Mentor CSA Jan 2016
Score 103
It is rare for me to leave testimonials, but I felt I needed to highlight Nigel's
course. It is really the one to go on - I went on many courses but none are
comparable. The course is strategic, fun and his consultation model works
everytime - in the CSA and in real life. I passed the exam well - no crosses
on the grid - there would have been many had I not heeded Nigel's sage
advice. In addition lots of fun too - highly recommended and indeed my
advice  - get a place on his course ASAP!

Name : SE
Mentor CSA Jan 2016
Score 93
Extremely useful course - Dr Giam is a fantastic teacher and tailors
feedback to each individual. He gave us a lot of tips and taught us to consult
with a structure that doesn't fail! Thanks a lot. Will be recommending your
course to everyone on my scheme!

Name : Sam
Mentor CSA Jan 2016
I attended Dr. Giam's course mid-November, and aimed for the Jaunary
sitting. It was a real eye-opener into what the CSA examiners are looking for
and helped me refine my technique. The mark scheme based on the
feedback statements was the best tool, as it helped pinpoint weak areas
and after all it's what you're actually being marked on!
Would definitely recommend the course.

Name : SJQ
Mentor CSA Jan 2016
I found the day incredibly tough, but rewarding and was really glad that I did
this a couple of months before the exam date. It helped me focus as well as
highlighted how important it was to practice, practice and practice. I kept
coming back to the techniques and the skills taught By Dr Giam in practice
sessions as well as the exam. So glad to have passed and very grateful.
Thank you!

Name : Tahera R
Mentor AKT 1 day course and 1/2 day Stats Course- sitting Jan 2016
Scored 82%
Excellent course, highlighting key topics and revision.
Best reflection of the AKT standard and I used many resources!
Definitely recommend it to anyone sitting the exam.

Name : Daniel Eriksson
Mentor AKT  - Jan 2016 Sitting
Scored 88.5%
Good tips that I used with great success on the exam.
Nigel is a good teacher that is happy to teach even the most difficult
subjects in a fun and interactive way.

Name : Victoria
Mentor AKT - Jan 2016 Sitting
Would highly recommend the course. I was having trouble passing the AKT
but managed to after attending Nigel's course. The course is intense but
invaluable. The handouts are excellent revision aids.
Nigel was also very accessible and amenable to answering questions by
email which was very helpful. Thanks so much!

Name : SS
Mentor AKT - Jan 2016 Sitting
Thank you for giving me a space to attend your course at the very last
minute. It was a productive day with useful pre-course material and practice
questions, up to date teaching on hot topics, practice mock exam and
accurate advice on how to plan our revision. I took on board all your
teaching and advice and thankfully passed the exam. I would definitely  
recommend anyone who plans on sitting the AKT to attend!
Thanks again Nigel!

Name : Manish K
Mentor CSA - Dec 2015 sitting
Hi Nigel,
I would like to say a BIG thank you for your expert help & guidance. The tips
& personalised feedback from you were invaluable as it made me realise
what changes I needed to make in my consultations to pass the CSA. After
sticking to your personalised advice, structure (story, symptom & system) &
‘sharing the tailored management plan’ with the role players (with loads of
practice), my score jumped by another 30 marks & as a personal
achievement, I didn’t get a single ‘cross' in the feedback sheet!
Your course was THE turning point which helped me pass the
CSA so comfortably this time.
No wonder, anyone who’s been on your course, has always
recommended it highly.

Name : LK
Mentor CSA - Dec 2015 sitting
A massive thanks! I came to you late - only 1 week before my sitting.
I am so glad I attended - you signposted and honed my technique.
If not for your feedback, I would have only been borderline - despite my late
attendance, I scored 95! So v happy!

Name : M Bernardotto
Mentor CSA - Dec 2015 sitting
I attended the CSA course in October 2015.The cases we practiced were all
challenging, but the feedback was honest and constructive. The course
allowed me to move away from a rigid prosaic structure and embrace a
more flexible approach with an improved natural flow.
My confidence and focus were improved after this course and I would
recommend it to other fellow trainees.

Name : Kath S
Mentor CSA  - Dec 2015 sitting
I wanted to say how extremely useful I found the Mentor CSA course. I found
the small group set up and constructive feedback excellent. The course
really was invaluable as well as the online resources which supplement
learning brilliantly! Thank you very much Nigel!

Name : HT
Mentor CSA - Nov 2015 sitting
Nigel - I just want to say a huge thanks. I was close to quitting as a GPST.
After 3 failures there did not seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel.
I had truly lost my way and myself in the process.
You gave me hope, inspiration to pick myself up and show positive energy.
You are a bright star and everyone who takes/trains for this exam would
benefit from your example.
Thank you for shining and thanks for saving my career!

Name : NR
Mentor CSA - Nov 2015 sitting.
Score - 93
I was recommended Nigel's courses from a friend who had done the CSA
last year. I sat the CSA early in my St3 year and it was truly Nigel's exam
technique and myth busting that got me through those 13 stations. The
honest and personal feedback I received based on my course performance
was pivotal to the changes I made in my consultation style in the run up to
the exam. Having passed comfortably I now look forward to applying what I
have learned from him to everyday consultations. Thank you Nigel , I hope
you will continue to inspire other GP trainees for many years to come.
Name : Richard S
Mentor CSA Sept 2015 - Nov 2015 sitting
This course is enlightening. Nigel teaches you a fluent and reactive
consultation style that goes way beyond the CSA. It is liberating to not have
to follow all the mixed and indeed crazy messages out there about 'ICE' and
other questions asked out of context and in a formulaic fashion. The key
here is to follow the STORY and Nigel has some great anecdotes and
icebreakers to help consolidate this. He is in fact a very funny guy! There
were loads of laughs on the day. He is incredibly approachable and delivers
precise and constructive feedback. But do GO EARLY - you will need to
change after the course - give yourself as much time to do so!
Highly recommended!

Name : Alex T
Mentor CSA - Nov 2015 Sitting
Excellent course. Simple principles which need to be practised.
Gave me a better understanding of what the exam was testing.
Dr Giam is clearly very knowledgeable about this exam and picks up on your
personal weaknesses. Strongly recommend this course!

Name : ZL
Mentor AKT Oct 2015 Sitting
This was my fourth sitting at the AKT and so I was looking for different ways
to revise. I found Nigel's course and was encouraged by the feedback of
other candidates. Nigel was really helpful even before I attended the course
looking at where I was losing valuable marks in the exam and was always
available via email for advice. He encouraged me to focus on alternative
methods of revision as for me simple question banks had not worked. The
course was intense but highlighted what the college felt was relevant in the
present time and as the college set the exam this is a very essential factor
when revising. I can't thank him enough for his support in the preparation to
my exam and if there is one course I would recommend this would be it!
I attended other courses in my previous AKT attempts which were simply
lecture based. This course looks at how you approach each question and
the exam strategy needed to pass.
Thank you Nigel.

Name : JM
Mentor AKT Oct 2015 Sitting
The course was brilliant. I was on my 4th attempt and following the course I
scored 100% in statistics and 80% in clinical medicine.  The course covers a
huge amount of the curriculum and the handouts are excellent summaries
of clinical medicine topics. It's hard work but this is the most thorough
course I have come across.  Highly highly recommended.   

Name : Deeksha
Mentor AKT Oct 2015 Sitting
This was my second attempt at the AKT and I had attended the emedica
course prior to my previous attempt however Dr Giam's course was
excellent and one of the things that contributed to me passing this time. I
liked that it was small group based with an emphasis on problem solving
and the stats were explained in such an easy to understand way.
The handout sheet was also invaluable as were the exam tips and advice.  
I look forward to attending Dr Giam's CSA course in the near future.

Name : WA
Mentor AKT Oct Sitting 2015 and CSA
Dear Dr Giam, I passed my AKT after the 5th time due to your AKT courses. I
will like to thank you for you support, you will not believe that I scored 80.5%
and 75% in organisation and statistics respectively which were my highest
in all my attempts. Your AKT courses really help me to achieved this,
especially the organisation and the statistics which has always been my
weakest. I got 74.5% in medicine which is my highest also in all my attempts.
I will recommend your courses to all my friends and anybody planning to
take AKT. Also not to forget that your CSA course was very helpful in
passing my CSA. Once again, thank you so much I really appreciate your
support with the materials given during the courses. Dr Adebajo

Name : ZA
Mentor AKT Oct 2015 Sitting
Truly excellent day for a crash course in AKT prep. Clear, structured and
above all concise, the day course gave me the perfect stepping stone to
focus my revision and how to strategically pass the AKT in the first attempt.
All areas covered extensively and above all precisely, with no avoidance of
difficult questions and above all a great atmosphere to work in.
Highly recommended!

Name : JK
Mentor CSA Nov 2015 Sitting
Score : 90
This was my 3rd attempt at sitting the CSA. After the two previous knocks I
had to rethink my strategy in passing this exam and build up my confidence.
This course helped me think about the CSA consultation model in simple
terms and helped clarify areas where I was going wrong. It is an intense day
but I found the feedback very constructive and helpful. After this course I
knew exactly what I needed to work on and had an estimate of a mark I
might be able to achieve if I aimed to sit the exam November/December. I
found other CSA courses where not very specific in what is needed to pass
the exam and the feedback tends to be mixed and confusing. Having a clear
strategy on how you consult and knowing what is expected for you in this
exam is essential for exam success and I feel this course contributed to me
passing the 3rd time! Investing in this course seems to be one of the best
things I did in my preparation to sit the exam for the 3rd time.

Name : Laura R
Mentor CSA Sept 2015
Nigel is a modern day Confucius and with quotes that keep it real to the
narrative that should naturally occur when consulting - this course is
absolutely the real deal. I was energised after attending!
The feedback - Nigel absolutely nails it everytime.
I appreciated the TOUGH LOVE and the LAUGHS that went with!
Think I might actually enjoy the CSA now!
Thanks a million!

Name : Jess
Mentor CSA May 2015 : Course, 1-1, Online Videos
I went on for the full complement of courses after failing and not
understanding why, I had only ever had positive feedback from my trainer
and course directors. Nigel gave really in depth, structured, practical advice
based on my results grid which was an invaluable start. The 1:1 mentoring
helped me to practise the techniques and style taught simply and effectively
on the podcasts and written information on this site. The feedback helped
me to confidently move on. The CSA course was brilliant, really intimate and
the number of cases you observed and took part in was so much better than
any other I went on (I binged on courses after failing). The feedback was
honest and critical as necessary but so constructive that you felt the group
grow as a whole as the day went on. Whilst sitting the actual exam I used so
many of the tips and techniques and it felt so different to the first time. The
exam is not just like a real surgery it is an art in itself and I would, and will
recommend any/all of the above to anyone hoping to pass the CSA with style!

Name : NM
Mentor CSA 1-1 May 2015
Dr Giam has captured and is able to share how to achieve effective and
rewarding consults for both patient and doctor. He can identify your
weakest link(s) and enjoyably reveal small but pivotal changes of mindset
that make a huge difference.
His approach can make you sail through the CSA and beyond!

Name : ABJ
Mentor CSA May 2015
So I played with the idea of doing the CSA the month following my AKT cause
I wanted to get my exams out of the way. I was adviced by many that I
needed a lot more time for my CSA. So I started doing my research and
asked people who passed the CSA and everyone agreed that Dr Giams
course was the best and that he would tell you if you could pass.
And so I attended and LOVED it!
The most important thing is that he is genuine and you feel that. But most
important is the individual constructive feedback!!
He told me I could pass..that's all I needed to hear!! So I booked my CSA and
used his techniques ESP 'REACT to the patient' and passed!! On my first
attempt. Thank you very much Dr Giam!!  
I can be present for my family again :)
If you re confused about what course to do for the CSA just read the
feedback....This is my first ever feedback because it's worth my time and
effort........So many people saying the same thing can only mean one thing.....
It's TRUE!!!

Name : FE
Mentor CSA May 2015
I went on the course after failing my first attempt having
spent money on the official course from the college.
Nigel's course was excellent, well led and definitely helped me to pass the
exam. It had a direct impact on my consultation style and better prepared to
have a more defined 10 minute consultation both in the exam and real life.
A lot of thought went into the course content and online materials to support
them. It was through the YouTube videos that I found the course.
I particularly appreciated Nigel keeping in touch after the exam and on
results day with genuine interest and congratulations.

Name : CS
Mentor CSA 1-1 May 2015
I sat the CSA twice unsuccessfully and was really at a loss as to what to do.
Dr Giam really helped me know exactly what to do and helped restructure
my whole approach. I attended the 1 to 1 sessions which were invaluable in
achieving success and was definitely the best of the courses I attended. I
went on to achieve in the 80s a jump of 18 points from my first attempt.
Many thanks to a great trainer and an all round nice guy.
Thank you Nigel Giam!

Name : Osayi
Mentor CSA May 2015
I passed!!!. Your course was brilliant. It was simply inspirational. It made me
feel passing was possible after failing twice. I have worked as a doctor for
many years and done many exams, but none like the CSA. I struggled to get
my head around it. After your course I understood what I needed to do and
most importantly how to go about it. Only wish I had more time to perfect the
skills before the exam. On the day I followed your tips, and things just flowed
naturally. I would surely recommend your course to anyone who wants to
pass the CSA with style!

Name : AO
Mentor CSA May 2015 and Mentor CSA Consults
Went on the CSA course in March, used the videos for revision and sat the
CSA for the first time in May and passed. I found the course gave me much
needed structure to my consultations. Loved the style of teaching, the
feedback was very constructive. I would absolutely recommend this course.

Name : OO
Mentor CSA May 2015 and Mentor CSA 1-1
Nigel, I want to thank you for all you did for me and for not giving up on me.
You were so kind and genuinely interested in my progress with calls and
emails. You helped me immensely on the course when you saw that I was
really struggling with lack of confidence and motivation. You analyzed my
weaknesses and offered solutions and told me if I worked on them I would
have scores in the mid 80s. You were spot on right!!! I scored 86 which was
19 marks above my two previous attempts of 67. Thanks for restoring my
dignity and confidence and all the kind and encouraging words you shared
with me. I will forever be indebted to you for my CSA success and would
recommend you to everyone planning to write the CSA in the future.

Name : S Reiss
Mentor AKT March 2015 and Mentor CSA May 2015
When I failed both my AKT and CSA in the first attempt, I lost confidence and
became somewhat discouraged. This was the first time I had failed at
anything. A friend suggested Dr Giam's course, and I contacted him. I was
struck by the infectious positive attitude of Dr Giam, and his sharp focussed
no nonsense style. This was just the ticket for me to boost my confidence,
and set a course for success. I passed both exams within three weeks of
each other (I certainly don't recomend that way of doing things).
Thank you Dr Giam, for your good guidance.

Name : MAT
Mentor CSA May 1-1 2015
A fantastic opportunity to learn and develop not only for the CSA
but also as a GP for independent practice.
Nigel very quickly spotted the weakness in my consultation and helped me
develop strategies to improve in time to pass the exam at first attempt.
I am indebted to you for your kind help at the 11th hour!
I would highly recommend your help to any trainee wanting further support
and feedback on their consultation styles.

Name : LO (Scotland)
Mentor CSA May 2015 and Mentor CSA 1-1
I attended almost all the CSA courses around. It was not until my final
attempt that I discovered Dr Giam's course. His approach was totally
different yet simple. The main messages were
The 1:1 video session was very helpful as well as his own online videos.
During the  exam, I used all his  tips and  phrases.
I was imagining myself as Dr Giam in the actual exam.
To God be the Glory, I passed excellently.
I can confidently recommend this course as the BEST.

Name : PS
Mentor CSA May 2015
I did this course 10 days before my real CSA and it probably was the turning
point for me. Feed back was tailored to each individual and very critical and
useful. If you are a person who has been working hard and equipped with all
knowledge but still not sure why you can not get through CSA...
Dr. Giam's course could be the answer!

Name : Simon Nelson
Mentor AKT April 2015
Excellent course. Prior to witnessing Dr Giam's teaching masterclass I was
languishing in the 'below average' category whilst doing online questions.
Following the course I not only quickly reversed my position but passed
comfortably. His teaching style is energetic, relevant and most importantly
WILL help you on exam day. I cannot thank Dr Giam enough.

Name : V Mistry
Mentor AKT April 2015
I have attended other revision courses for AKT and this was the one that
finally helped me pass. Anyone wanting to pass AKT on their next attempt
should attend the one-day course as it is full of useful material covering the
high-yield topics. A lot of us know that AKT requires hard work but being
focused is the key and this comes from doing plenty of online questions and
attending a robust AKT revision course like the one provided by Dr Giam.
My advice  attend the course as it will make the difference ...
you will see the results!

Name : VF
Mentor AKT April 2015
80.5%, WITH 95% STATS
Great course! Thoroughly recommended to anyone taking the AKT!
On the day we did a mock exam and covered so much. The stats part is very
easy to understand and extremely simple to remember! I only wish Nigel had
taught medical stats at my medical school, It would have totally demystified
the concept of confidence intervals!
So many of the topics we covered came up! One of the stats questions
came up exactly as the one we covered on the day of the course!
Thank you Nigel!!!

Name : MS
Mentor AKT April 2015
Excellent and information packed one day course for AKT. I recommend
doing course couple of months before the exam. I failed in jan AKT by 1%,
then spoke to Nigel and went on this course, the difference is I passed in
April AKT sitting. It's the best AKT course out there!!!

Name : Nisa Aslam
Mentor CSA : April 2015 Exam
94! I cannot recommend this course enough! It provided a framework and
foundation upon which I based my CSA revision. Nigels feedback is tailored
to the individual and very helpful; and he points out key areas for
improvement. Plus, he has the uncanny ability to accurately predict peoples
mark range which adds to the fun!

Name : Arti
Mentor CSA : April 2015 Exam
Small groups; useful written feedback; relevant practice cases; a safe and
supportive learning environment - this is an excellent course to attend a
couple of months before the CSA. Thank you Nigel, and best of luck to all
those who have the exam coming up!

Name : Dhru Patel
Mentor CSA April 2015
Excellent course. Very focused and lots of helpful tips. Gets you preparing
the correct way and works on your bad habits. Helps you build on your own
style. Dr Giam clearly knows what he is doing! The videos are also brilliant.

Name : CJT
Mentor CSA April 2015
I would thoroughly recommend Dr Giam's courses - a completely new
approach to tackling CSA revision - course was jam-packed with really
useful tips and advice which have definitely improved my consulting both for
the CSA and in real life.  Also, I found attending gave me a great boost of
confidence, thank you.

Name : Sophia S
Mentor CSA Consults April 2015
I'm a ST3 in Walderslade and just wanted to say I found your online videos
extremely helpful in the run up to the CSA exam. I wasn't able to attend to
your course, but found your videos really useful to help structure my
consultations. Especially towards the end of preparation when I felt I was
possibly picking up 'bad habits' from others in my group practice, it was
great to have a set of videos to refer back to as a 'gold standard' which had
a positive and calming influence on me! I sat the exam in April first time and
passed with a score of 84.
Thank you! :)

Name : Millie Dutt
Mentor CSA March 2015
I felt really privileged to be able to access such high quality ST3 teaching
which I can assure Londoners you must never take for granted! There is a
lot of scaremongering about this exam and there is also a very real level of
challenge presented by it. I think the secret to the success of this course is
Nigel himself - he has a pretty robust structure and is also something of a
psychologist! Again, not far off my prediction! Thank you again x

Name : Ebtisam Bsis
Mentor CSA March 2015
I have recently passed the CSA exam after my first attempt and am happy to
contribute that one of the main reasons for my success was due to the
excellent teaching I received from Dr Giam who was able to quickly
establish where our weaknesses lay. He is able to deduce our strengths
and was honest in his feedback and we were left in no doubt as to how best
to approach the exam. I sat the CSA 9 years after having attained the MRCS
which was a tough exam but one could not prepare for the CSA like any
other exam and hence why Dr Giam's teaching was pivotal to my success!

Name : Mat Owen
Mentor CSA March 2015
Found course really helpful and so glad that I did it now. Unlike other
courses where you are in bigger groups/get less practice/very passive
learning and more formulaic teaching style, this course gave me four
appropriately-challenging stations in a small group with honest and direct
feedback that was useful and gave me pointers to work on.
I did work on what I learnt I needed to at the course and
passed CSA very comfortably as a result.
Would totally recommend!

Name : Muhammad Hameed
Mentor CSA March 2015
I had failed the CSA 3 times. I was not finding out the reasons as to why I
was failing. All my trainers have commented positively on my real life video
consultations and my role play feedbacks have been highly rated.
My trainer even showed my videos to the rest of trainees to demonstrate
good technique. Unfortunately, I failed by 7 marks on my 3rd attempt.
One can imagine my frustration and disappointment!
I was not finding the right path to prepare for the CSA.
Then finally, my wife looked up on internet and found Dr Giam's courses. We
both attended the course. My wife and I passed after attending the course!
We are both pleased and excited!
I wish I could have attended this course before my first attempt.
I strongly recommend this course!!

Name : Shabana Shaheen
Mentor CSA March 2015
My husband and I both are IMGs. My husband had failed CSA 3 times and
was very disappointed and was not finding the right way to prepare for the
CSA. I searched for different courses on the internet and found Mentor CSA
which had very good comments from IMGs.
We both decided to attend the course.
Dr Giam looked at my husband's marks sheets and told him the diagnosis
straight away as to why he was failing the exam.
We both attended the course and guess what?
I passed in my first attempt and my husband passed in his final attempt too!!
We cannot thank enough to Dr Giam for all this guidance and help.
We both strongly recommend for all IMGs to attend this course before
having a first attempt at the exam.

Name : AN
Mentor CSA 1-1 March 2015
I am really grateful to Dr Giam for offering me 1:1 session with him at short
notice. He was honest and constructive in his feedback and I could make
necessary changes to my consultation skills - especially whilst dealing with
cases with ethical dilemmas and those requiring negotiation skills.
I strongly recommend Dr Giam's 1:1 session.

Name : Mohamed Gamal-Eldin
Mentor AKT 2015
Dr Giam's AKT course was brilliant and was a great help in passing the
exam. I scored 80.50% first time alhamdullelah. The pass mark was 71.5%.
Highly recommended. I will be returning for the CSA course.

Name : Abid Bashir
Mentor AKT 2015
It was my 4th and final attempt at AKT and by doing this 1 day intensive
course i realized how much i didn't know. The concise notes were just what i
I needed. I would advise anybody doing the AKT to do this course. There is
no other course out there as informative or concise.
Worth every penny. What a relief!

Name : S Eli
Mentor CSA 2015
I felt the course was extremely helpful. The online videos have been very
helpful too. Dr Giam has mentioned very good points on how to approach the
CSA. All of these are very helpful tips to improve my consultation skills. I
passed my CSA recently. I and also my friends who have watched the online
videos, felt they were very good consultations. They gave us an idea as to
how to improve and modify our own consultations.

Name : SK
Mentor CSA Feb 2015
I will highly recommend Mentor CSA course and it's
one of the best courses for CSA.
I passed my CSA in first attempt and It would not have be possible without
Nigel's help.
Thanks Nigel!!!

Name : LW
Mentor CSA Feb 2015
Score - 99!
Excellent course with very useful practise and feedback
in a small group setting.

Name : SH
Mentor CSA Feb 2015
Really fantastic course with individual feedback and very useful advice and
tips for the exam.  The course covered a large range of cases and I left
feeling much more confident and informed about the exam.
Would highly recommend!!!

Name : Clare Rooms
Mentor CSA Jan 2015
I'd like to say thanks so much for a really useful course! I feel it made a big
difference to my revision, and gave me a solid structure to use during my
consultations on the big day and during normal clinics. I also found the
videos and resources on the website really helpful - some of the best out
there! I'd recommend the course to anyone preparing for the dreaded CSA!

Name : PT
Mentor CSA Jan 2015
This course is AMAZING! It delivers simple, strategic messages not just with
regards to passing the CSA well (I scored 103!) but also for everday GP
practice. Nigel has some great stories to tell .... v motivating!

Name : S Shahid
Mentor AKT Jan 2015
The course was recommended by a good friend. Felt a bit silly attending a
course for AKT but had no idea how motivating it would be! Guided me to
sort out the prep plan, and fortunately was a complete success!
Thank you, Nigel.

Name : ZN
Mentor AKT Jan 2015
I attended this course after a failed 1st attempt. Thank you for all your great
guidance. AKT course was excellent, it guided me well on how to prepare
differently and which topics to focus on. The second exam felt so much
easier. The handout was priceless, still using that in every day practice.
Thank you Nigel!

Name : Muryum Thapper
Mentor CSA - attended Nov 2014 for Jan 2015 sitting
I attended the CSA preparation course in November 2014 and sat my CSA in
Jan 2015- I am pleased to say I passed first time with a mark of 95, pass
mark was 74 for my day. Thank you to Dr Nigel Giam for all his advice,
excellent website resources and honest feedback on the course which I
must say was very well organised with professional actors and
individualised feedback. Thank you once again!

Name : Haroon
Mentor CSA Jan 2015
A superb course, worth every penny. Everyone has a chance to practice at
least 4 cases, and after each case there is a detailed feedback from Nigel,
he also individualises the overall feedback at the end with predictive scores.
Picked up some extremely useful tips which I carried through to the exam.
Nigel is somewhat of a master in the art of consultation, and going on the
course will definitely stand anyone who attends it in good stead.
Highly recommended!

Name : AK
Mentor CSA Consults Jan 2015
I am a NorthWest deanery trainee and got my CSA results the other day and
passed with a score of 97/117. I unfortunately was unable to attend your
course but did purchase your online mentor videos and I can honestly say
that they have helped me so much and helped me to develop my consulting
skills and have played a massive part in my passing.
Thanks so much!
I will and have been recommending your website
to all my colleagues and junior GP trainees.

Name : ZP
Mentor CSA Jan 2015
This course was highly recommended to me by a colleague.
It is definitely worth attending prior to the CSA. A good variety of cases are
covered in the day in small group sessions allowing all the trainees to have
one to one practice sessions with the actors. Dr Giam gives honest and
constructive feedback. It gave me more confidence and
most importantly I passed first time!

Name : C Holdridge
Mentor CSA Jan 2015
Excellent course from the most thoroughly knowledgeable CSA tutor out
there. I acheived a solid pass first time after Dr Giam's advice and use his
structure for consultations every day in clinic. Would recommend!

Name : AE
Mentor CSA Nov 2014 for Jan 2015 sitting
I was afraid to go on the course at first as I'm not the most outspoken of
people and was a bit daunted by the whole thing but Nigel was very quick to
put me at ease.  The small group meant that we each could do 4 scenarios
(more if someone else perhaps wished not to  do a particular case) and go
through them in detail.  The feedback was fantastic and not only helped me
pass the CSA 1st time, but changed my daily consulting for the better too.  
I highly recommend this course!

Name : Sharon Oteng
Mentor CSA Jan 2015
I attended the CSA course 2 months before my exam. I found it to be really
useful. Had personalised feedback from Dr Giam and the role players. I took
on board what I learnt and the feedback given and passed my CSA first time
with a score of 90. Dr Giam definitely knows what he is talking about.
Excellent course. Highly recommend it.

Name : AR
Mentor AKT and CSA on line consults - Jan 2015
I would like to thank Dr Giam for all the help he has given me to get through
GP training.  I attended the AKT course which was essential to getting my
head around the statistics questions.  For the CSA I really found the CSA
videos helpful and watched them the night before the exam.  This helped put
me in the right frame of mind for the exam.  I would definitely recommend
attended the courses and watching the online videos.

Name : AN
Mentor CSA Dec 2014
Dear Dr Giam,
Your faith in my abilities got me through this exam.
Your genuine concern, and lovely gestures such as taking the time out to
ask when I was taking it, good luck messages, asking how it went and again
good luck wishes for the result hours before it was out...and above all the
extra few days of complimentary access to Mentor CSA Consults when I
wanted to purchase them again just before my exam .. Right from the day of
attending your course till the results were published it was like someone
really cares and wants me to do well and offered hope when it felt like there
was none..that all means a lot more than words can ever say ..
You have followed me through right from my AKT  in which I also did well
under your guidance.
Thank you so so much Dr. Giam!

Name : NF
Mentor CSA Dec 2014
Nigel. A huge thank you for the help and guidance you gave on the course.
Your 'tough love' approach and ability to give very specific feedback tailored
to the individual candidate was extremely helpful and showed me the areas I
needed to focus on. Very pleased to have passed and would definitely
recommend your course to future candidates!

Name : COkonkwo
Mentor CSA Dec 2014
Excellent course!!!! I was extremely scared of this exam because of the
troubling statistics with regards differential passrates and was advised by
friends to attend the course.
I did and it was amazing!! I scored 90!
Dr Giam -  his teaching and advice from the simulators helped bolster my
confidence and gave me structure with which to tackle the exam.
Many thanks and I highly recommend it for my peers!

Name : AB
Mentor CSA 1-1 and 1 Day Course - Dec 2014
A real eye opener. Nigel gives straight up and honest feedback. I had failed
the CSA twice, having attended 3 other CSA courses and just could not
understand what I was doing wrong! Nigel gave me personalised
constructive feedback and broke down my rigid consultation style. I would
highly recommend his videos and the mentor CSA course.
Nigel helped me approach the CSA very differently and I took his advice and
passed with a more than comfortable score!
Thank you so much!

Name : Sara
Mentor CSA Dec 2014
Attended the Mentor CSA course before sitting the exam this December.
I passed the exam on my first sitting.
I'm very happy to have attended the course and would highly recommend it
to everyone. Actors play similarly to exam itself and
Nigel creates a very friendly atmosphere!
I read plenty of books and watched different videos but in the exam itself I
have to admit that I used mainly Nigel's tips! And they worked :)))
Thank you Nigel, I really recommend the course, was brilliant!

Name : Khalil Hassanally
Mentor CSA Dec 2014
Score 87
A really excellent course. Helped provide me with a structure for my
consultations. Actors and cases are very close to real CSA. Feedback is
honest and really picks up on the areas for improvement.
Course was invaluable to me passing.

Name : BP
Mentor CSA Nov 2014
Superb course!  I have already recommended this to other GP trainee mums
preparing for CSA. I passed my November CSA sitting despite being quite
unwell on the day. If you keep to the rules and individual feedback from
Dr Giam, you will be safe no matter what the circumstances are on the day.
Thank you Dr Giam!

Name : RS
Course attended : Mentor AKT Oct 2014
Having failed this exam 3 times, I was desperate for some guidance. Nigel
was able to provide this by focusing on high yield areas based on previous
examination summary reports and EKU updates. The Stats session was
fantastic and this is what made a huge difference.
I passed well and am eternally grateful!

Name : Jeanette Sundberg
Course attended : Mentor AKT Oct 2014
Nigel's course is fast-paced and intense, and exactly what you wish for in a
one-day exam prep session. He runs through critical facts, key topics, and
leaves you with good guidance on key topics and the 'hot' areas to focus on
for the rest of your own revision. Amazing energy -- leaves you thoroughly
motivated and energised. Money and time extremely well spent.

Name : MHely
Course attended : Mentor AKT Oct 2014
I scored 85% with 95% in Stats!
The AKT is a tough exam. Nigel signposts you to high yield areas and
consolidates AKT technique through small group problem solving.
Stats session was absolutely amazing!

Name : MK
Mentor CSA Nov 2014
I attended in August for Nov 2014 sitting.
This was the only Course I attended for my CSA practice and
it was indeed very useful!
- Important tips given by Nigel were very useful
- definitely felt the course was up to date now after sitting CSA
- very useful practice, intense course though hugely helpful and lovely pizza:)
- I am IMG and I passed first time with 96 marks
Definitely recommend but aim to do at least couple of months before exam
so you can use the knowledge gained in the course for your CSA practice.

Name : BK
Mentor CSA Nov 2014
Score : 92
Dr Giam's course is excellent and I highly recommend it to all those
preparing for the CSA.Nigel gives very honest and accurate feedback. By the
end of the course you will have a clear understanding of your strengths and
weaknesses and when you should aim to sit the CSA. I had been to several
of the RCGP CSA courses in addition to this course. Dr Giam's course gives
the most individualized feedback, in addition to a clear no-nonsense
understanding of whats expected to pass the CSA. He predicted my CSA
score and he was spot on!

Name : DS
Mentor CSA 1-1 for Nov 2014 sitting
It was brilliant and extremely useful course. Dr Nigel Giam gave me very
helpful advice and honest feedback, which was exactly what I needed. He
gave me much needed guidance and cleared up some misconceptions I had
about tackling the exam. After having already failed three times in the CSA,
twice by just one mark, I attended his 1-1 course. Now after sitting the exam
for the fourth time, I've passed with flying colours. I'm so thankful to Dr Giam!

Name : Darko Donev
Mentor CSA Nov 2014
I've heard about this course via friends and colleagues. Very good feedback
from them so decided to try it out. Trust me this course is worth every
penny. We were lucky in our group of 6 because one person did not turn up
so had one case each extra. Feedback is constructive and hones technique.
Every person has 1 to 1 feedback from Nigel Giam.
It's hard core CSA and if you really want to pass this is one of the courses
that I would recommend having.

Name : OT
Mentor CSA Oct 2014
Thanks to Mentor Course! I have just passed CSA on my 3rd attempt. I lost
confidence in myself after my 2nd attempt. It all changed after attending the
Mentor CSA course. I understood the CSA exam from then on. I had been to
2 other courses before attending Nigel's Mentor Course and really still did
not get it. Nigel gave adequate attention and honest
feedback to every one. My first 2 scores were 56,65 and after attending
Mentor CSA passed with a score of 91. I strongly recommend this course to
everyone especially IMGs.

Name : JM
Mentor CSA 1-1 Sept 2014 and CSA 1 day course Oct 2014
Thanks Dr Giam for enthusing my practice with positive energy!! I
recommend the 1-1 for shy candidates, out of sync LTFT trainees and also
when the group courses are full to truly appreciate where you stand in the
face if the CSA. Knowing your strengths is ok but finding you blind spot and
working on it is the only way to pass first time .. Dr Giam has excellent
teaching skills for ANYONE . Thanks again. IMG passed first time.

Name : GN
Mentor CSA 1-1 Sept 2014 and 1 day course April 2014
This was my second-to-last attempt at the CSA. I passed well (95) with no
crosses on the grid on a 72 pass mark. Dr Nigel was brutally honest with
me, breaking down all my preconceived notions on what it takes to pass and
giving me the confidence to tackle anything the exam could throw  at me. I
also liked the way he trained me to speak with, not at patients as well as
always giving patients and their families hope using positive energy even if
their situation may appear hopeless. I would say Dr Nigel has made me a
better doctor as well as helping me pass my exam. Good luck to all those
sitting the CSA - I recommend that everyone attend this course. It will open
your eyes and challenge you to think differently as well as
more confidently and thoroughly.

Name: : SJ
Course attended : Mentor CSA 1 day course and 1-1 Sept 2014
Dr Giam - the MRCGP Oracle...
I passed well first time thanks to his honest feedback and guidance
throughout. He is scarily accurate in his predictions as to your likelihood of
success and scoring range - as you can see from his previous numerous
testimonials. There are many courses out there, and it appears those who
have previously failed attend the course or the 1-1 session and
subsequently excel. I would recommend you don't waste your money and
time on multiple CSA resit attempts - and book a place on the Mentor CSA
courses ASAP to maximise your chances of passing.
I found the Mentor Consult videos really useful and after sitting the exam
can confirm these are definitely pitched at the right level.
Good luck to all those in future sittings and
many thanks again Dr Giam - legend!

Name : MF
Course attended : Mentor CSA Sept 2014
I attended the course 2 weeks before my exam but found it extremely useful
that Dr Giam had only 6 trainees and gave personalised feedback to
each of us which helped me to focus on areas I needed to
work on and improve upon.
I am an IMG, passed first time.
I have already recommended your course to all my colleagues and will
continue to do so.

Name : VP
Course attended : Mentor CSA 1-1 Sept 2014
Dr Giam, you are an incredible mentor! I particularly liked the way he was
able to 'clinically diagnose' my faults and to help put them right. I have learnt
not only to apply positivity to the consultations, but to be positive the
moment you walk into the exam centre, about yourself!
Just a little note - his predicted scores are amazingly accurate.
Thank you so much Nigel.
To all those sitting the exam, good luck, and above all, BE POSITIVE!

Name : MW
Coruse attended : Sept 2014
The only course I recommend  before taking CSA exam. This is the course I
found the most helpful in helping me passing CSA on the 3rd time with a
good pass. I regretted not knowing about the course earlier enough to
attend otherwise I would have passed CSA on the 1st attempt. This course
gave me confidence in knowing how to pass the CSA exam and the
predicted CSA mark I was given during the final feedback session at the end
of the day of the course was quite close to my final mark at the CSA exam.

Name : OA
Course attended : Mentor CSA Sept 2014
Fantastic course, candid feedback with great encouragement!
I won't recommend any other course.
The best I attended, and I attended a lottttt!
Thanks Nigel!

Name : Soraya
Course attended : Mentor CSA Sept 2014
Score 90! Excellent course. Nigel is an amazing teacher with lots of
constructive feedback. It completely changed the way I was approaching
this exam and I am glad I did it.
Well organised! I definitely recommend the CSA mentor course.
Thanks Dr Giam!

Name : NA
Course attended : Mentor CSA April 2014
Fantastic course!!!
This is without doubt the best CSA course out there!
I failed the January exam by 2 marks, my colleague had also failed her exam
2 times and advised me to attend this course, she passed after the
attending the course, went from 55 to a score in the 80s . This course gave
me invaluable practice and feedback that even my trainer couldn't give. And
after the course Dr Giam was still available for tips. I also used his
invaluable videos, and in the end went from a 72 to passing with 95. I only
wish I'd attended sooner and have asked all my younger peers to attend.
Thank you so much Dr Giam for all your help and support.

Name : JA
Course attended : Mentor CSA 1-1 and 1 day course April 2014
This was my last attempt at the CSA.
I passed well (88), having scored in the mid 60's before.
Nigel is very honest and his feedback and consultation technique is
SPOT ON for the CSA.
He predicted that I would pass in high 70's after changing my technique.
I am proud to say I did as he told me and got an even better mark!
The nightmare is over ... let my dream of being a GP begin!
Good luck to all those sitting the CSA -
I recommend that everyone attend this course.
It will put you on the right road to success!

Name : Ramandeep
Course : Mentor Online Consults 2014
The online videos are one of the best CSA preparation tools. I wish I had
gone on the course to improve my score. The course dates were fully
booked, so will advice others to book early to avoid disappointment. But in
any case ensure you watch these videos, I passed first time!

Name : DJ
Course attended : Mentor CSA April 2014
There are several reasons why you need to attend this course
1. Dr Giam has more experience than most in the CSA field
2. His course is the most transparent
(but also the most tough - in a good way!)
3. If you want honest and pragmatic feedback
4. Simulators are simply amazing!
5. Why do you think his VTS has 100% passrate!
I scored 102! 3 months into training - I am a IMG.

Name : DG
Course attended : Mentor CSA April 2014
I failed the exam in Jan 2014 - I am white, english and female.
After attending Nigel's course, I knew exactly what to do to pass.
My score went from 70 to 102!
Nigel is a very experienced teacher and supportive educator -
this is what really counts!

Name : DM
Course attended : Mentor CSA April 2014
I  did your course on 22 April less than 3 weeks before my CSA.
You reckoned I'd be scoring in the 80s, which was reassuring.
In the event I made a real hash of 3 stations and felt pretty angry at myself
afterwards.  Thankfully I scored 86, a respectable pass.
So one way or another you judged right.
I like the way you teach and I'm happy to recommend your course.

Name : Yogan
Course attended : Mentor CSA 1-1 May 2014
I am an IMG and I have sat CSA for four times. I have done a lot of
preparation with previous attempts. I have spent a lot of time with other
courses and group discussion. I could not move beyond 67 marks.
One of my friends who failed the CSA and passed at fourth attempt almost
begged me to attend Dr Giam 1 to 1.
I attended the course just 2weeks before the exam.
We were not sure that the time was enough to make any change.
However after having role played with Dr Giam, he gave a lot feed back and I
took the DVD of the role pays and feedback back home. I also watched his
16 Mentor CSA videos and compared my attitude
and behaviours with Dr Giam as the candidate. I removed all my rigid,
synthetic and non reactive behaviours from my consultation.
I have finally passed!
My score was 78 and pass score was 72.
I would recommend this strongly to anyone particularly IMG. I would advise
them attend early in their career, change their behaviour and attitudes and
then re attend if possible to consolidate change before they sit the exams
Thanks Dr Giam. How can I forget you in my life?

Name : Suren S
Course attended : Mentor CSA Jan 2014 for May sitting
On the day of my course, I felt that I had performed badly. However, you
encouraged me that I was going down the right path, and gave me feedback
on how to improve my consultations. I used it as a starting point to see how I
could improve myself. This was clearly evident when I recorded and
watched my consultations back with my clinical supervisor to critique. What
I loved about the course was the vast range of cases you had, and the way
you explained how to manage them, which was very useful. Also, teaching
us how to dealing with different types of patients, for example, those with
learning difficulties, was extremely helpful.

When it came to the day, everything you said about
having "positive energy" seemed to have done the trick.
I became more and more confident as the exam progressed.
I passed the CSA on my first attempt with a mark of 82.
I understand why you were pleased that I attended the course earlier than
other trainees. Within a month of your course, my clinical supervisor noticed
a massive difference in my consultation skills.

I would personally like to thank you for all your help Dr Giam. I also ordered
your videos which were incredibly helpful as well. I completely agree with
your theory of having a positive attitude in the exam, being self aware and
repeated practice with colleagues and patients.

Name : Ayad
Course attended : Mentor CSA April 2014
Score 95! - 2nd sitting
1st sitting 70/75
Brilliant course, lots of practical and pragmatic advice given. Makes you
prepare for the worst and do expect the worst because the worst is more
common than what you may expect....
Such a relief to get rid of it now...
Thanks Nigel
I highly recommend the CSA Mentor Course for everybody
and especially IMGs...

Name : NZ
Course attended : Mentor CSA April 2014
I hope you are fine. Despite being the exam so difficult, I passed the exam
and have no hesitation to say that I would not have done it without your help
in the course. It completely changed my consultation technique and the way
I was handling the consultations. I cannot thank you enough for the hard
work you did and for the honest (tough) feedback. But it was worth it.
You are really doing a very good job and
all my hearty blessings to you and your family!

Name : KV
Course attended : Mentor CSA April 2014
Excellent course which completely changed the way I approached the CSA.
Gave me back confidence and a lot of encouragement.
I would thoroughly recommend the course. Thank you Dr Giam!

Name : Lucy Weeks
Course attended : Mentor Stats and Critical Appraisal - April 2014
Great course, very useful revision/learning of medical stats and an idea of
what to expect at the AKT. Helped with nerves to plan a logical approach to
stats to avoid losing marks

Name : DB
Course attended : Mentor AKT March 2014
This was a fantastic course and was very helpful in getting the orientation of
the exam itself especially the statistics . This was my last attempt and the
course was recommended by one of my friends and I am pleased that I
attended it. I have scored good marks in stats and organisation. Before this I
was blindly doing the questions , did not know what to read in particular. Not
only that, the course notes were very useful for the last minute revision and I
only read that before going for the exam.
It was a small group course and very interactive sessions.
I would strongly recommend this for trainees.
Thanks Dr G!

Name : PG
Course attended : Mentor CSA Jan 2014
Score 104!
The course was brilliant!
Closest thing yet to recreating the pressure that you feel on the day, allowed
me to recognise and react to rigid consultation behaviours
Highly recommended!

Name : LB
Course attended : Mentor CSA Jan 2014
Score 100!
Fantastic course. Well organised. Really good practice of cases which were
realistic of the cases which actually came up in the exam.
Actors fantastic and feedback spot on in how to approach the exam in
terms of manner, communication skills and
getting from A to B within 10 minutes!
Thoroughly recommended!

Name : PA
Course attended : Mentor CSA Jan 2014
Score 102!
Excellent course, closest to recreating the stress you will feel on the day.
Nigel (unlike other courses) will tell you exactly what you need to change to
improve your performance rather than sugar coating everything.
I followed his guidance and scored highly.

Name : SA
Course attended : Mentor CSA Jan 2014
Just wanted to say thanks for your words of encouragement and advice you
gave me when I attended your course on 17/1.
I had been advised by friends to take an 'extra pair of pants' and plenty of
tissues to the course but left with a smile and feeling more confident!
I had lost a lot of confidence with my trainers and had been advised by them
not to attend any CSA courses but in all honesty I had learnt more at your
course than I had with my trainers in the past few months! Your trainees on
the St Mary's scheme are incredibly lucky!
I passed well above the pass mark and with
no failed stations as you had kindly predicted!
Thanks again!
Whenever I get a gift from a pt I still get flashbacks of your mock station! Lol!!

Name : Katherine T
Course attended : Mentor CSA Jan 2014
At a time when I was lacking confidence this course was just what I needed.
Nigel inspired me not just to do well in my exam but to be the best GP that I
can be in future. This course helped to put me back at the top of the class,
somewhere I haven't been in quite a while...
Thank you so much Nigel!

Name : Radwan
Course attended : Mentor CSA Jan 2014
When I studied for the CSA last year, I was simply not sure what to expect.
Out of the exam, I only heard negative things and
that did not help me in productive way.
One of my colleagues passed for the fourth time after attending Dr Giam's
course and hence I was recommended to attend. On the course I learnt how
to approach the consultation in the right way. The online consultations were
excellent and I adopted a similar consultation style
which enabled me to finally pass.

Name : Kristal Procter
Course attended : Mentor CSA 1-1 Feb 2014
Dr Giam gives very concise and constructive feedback.  His techniques and
stock phrases are valuable in daily practice as well as for the CSA.  His
courses are ideal for people who have limited time and who want to
efficiently enhance their skill set.  He really is a great teacher.

Name : Jason O
Course attended : Mentor CSA Feb 2014
Great course. Everything he says is true. simple as that. There is a strategy
to handle whatever the CSA throws at you and nigel gives it to you. I did 3
courses with my VTS over three years with Nigel so i wasnt going to do
course as an individual. So glad i changed my mind. It is the individual
feedback not just the theory that is so useful. He told me exactly what i
needed to do. Passed first time. I am of afrocarribean descent and male.
dont think it matters when you have right technique.
Thanks Nigel will be sending my friends your way.

Name :  I.U.J.
Course attended : Mentor CSA Jan 2014
Score : 80
The course was very helpful and vital in my preparation and outcome. Dr
Giam gave very good feedback, he pointed out things we were doing wrong
and encouraged improvement of the things being done well. This helped me
a lot and I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to pass
their CSA at their first attempt (one touch!). Appropriate equal attention was
given to each and everyone of the candidates.
The course was in a relaxed and friendly environment.
The role players were excellent!

Name : KL
Course attended : Mentor CSA Jan 2014 and 1-1
Thanks Dr Giam for your excellent tuition.
I really couldn't have done without your support.
Thanks again.

Name : N Shaikh
Course attended : Mentor CSA Nov 2013 for March 2013 sitting
I would like to thank you for all your support and advice that helped me clear
the CSA 1st time with a score of 96! Your feedback was spot on, valuable
and practical.
Thanks Nigel!

Name : IP
Course attended : Mentor CSA Nov 2013 for March 2014 sitting
Score 97!
I attended the course in November and I'm glad I attended a few months in
advance of the exam as it was a true eye opener about what I needed to do.
The course was a taste of the real exam and the feedback was honest and
to the point. I went away with some very useful pointers which I tried to
apply when practicing with peers and in the exam. I  would highly
recommend the course and the online videos.

Name : DM
Course attended : Mantor CSA Nov 2013 for Jan 2014 sitting
Score 94!
Thank you Dr Giam for all your positivity, advice and for helping me focus on
my weak areas during the course. I appreciated the brutally honest
appraisal which in turn has made me become more self aware- this is
something very important for my self development which will continue with
me into the rest of my GP career. I also recommend the brilliant video
package which is excellent revision material.
Thank you again and best of luck to everyone out there.

Name : GA
Course attended : Mentor CSA Jan 2014
Score 97!
I felt the course was just what I needed to get focussed on the CSA.
Nigel offers you guidance and gives you confidence.
I am so grateful for this course and glad I attended!
Definitely worth it guys!! And remember point A and point B!
Good luck to everyone!!

Name : Ayesha Chaudhary
Course attended : Mentor CSA Jan 2014
I attended the course and was borderline.
But I changed in response to Dr Giam's feedback and became much more
responsive and reactive to patient cues. I passed with 90 and NO CROSSES!
On the day I was the only IMG on the circiut with all female UK graduates.
But I still managaed to pass with flying colours!

Name : Waddah Mobayed
Course attended : Mentor CSA Jan 2014 and 1-1
I took the exam once before the course and scored only 62. I was sure that I
will improve, but not sure if enough to pass. I was worried because I score
all the negative points NOT to pass the exam: male, overseas graduate,
worked in surgical fields for 14 years..I had taken many courses, but I felt
they failed to understand me in order to help me, and failed to understand
what the exam is all about. On my first attempt I had crosses on cases I felt I
did well, and did not have where I thought I did badly. However, Dr Giam
changed my attitude completely to the exam, because his approach and
consultation style was workable, reasonable and above all can pass you the
exam. He gave me the confidence that is achievable. I took the exam second
time, and I did not do my best performance, but I passed.
I knew that Dr Giam was right when I had the results, I had the
crosses only where I expected them.
I recommend the course to every one!

Name : SB
Course attended : Mentor CSA Jan 2014
The course was superb-Nigel clearly knows what he is doing and knows
exactly how to get the best out of the candidates. The way he teaches
consultation structure is probably the bit that helped me the most. I
thoroughly recommend this course if you want to pass CSA!
In fact I can't recommend it enough!

Name : Arinze Onwumelu
Course attended : Mentor CSA Nov 2013 for March 2014 sitting
I am an IMG and I graduated in 1998. I was in a surgery for years before
starting GP training. I attended Nigel's Course early in Nov 13 and frankly I
was so poor during the course but I took  sincere advice from Nigel and
worked on it. I passed in my first attempt with a score of 84, 74 needed to
pass on the day. I must emphasise to fellow IMGs like me who must be
discouraged with all the negative vibes about CSA and IMGs, go for Nigel's
course and please practice with the locals!!! Pay them if you have to!! Put the
bad press behind you because if I can do it in my first attempt, after 16 years
of graduation them anyone else can do it. Please believe!!

Name : SB
Course attended : Mentor CSA Jan 2014
I would like to say a huge thank you!
I have always been an E for effort person not E for excellent.
Your course really was tough love but I took all your advice and tips watched
your videos and applied them.
I let the patient  take me on the journey!
So thank you!

Name : Mehr
Course attended : Mentor CSA Jan 2014
I attended this course before my csa. One of my friends recommended it to
me. I found it very useful. The feedback although seemed very harsh and
brutal at the time, actually was very honest. I worked on it and improved on
the areas which was suggested by Nigel.
You need to have a very brave heart to bear it as it can
not be easily digested by everyone.
I took it positively and it worked out really well for me in the end.
Very organized course. professional actors and worth
spending on such a useful course.
I have already recommended it to some of my friends.
Many thanks forall your help and support Nigel!

Name : AY
Course attended : Mentor CSA Jan 2014
This CSA course is tough, intense with strong critical feedback...
BUT I wouldn't have had it any other way!
No other CSA course provides as many practice cases per person and given
the small intimate group of 6 per session it is extremely personal and
focused on just you! Lots of good advice and tips throughout the day.
Nigel is a lovely trainer and very supportive
throughout the whole CSA process.
Defo recommend subscribing to the online videos too!!
This course is a MUST!
Good luck! :)

Name : Ayush Prabhakar
Course attended : Mentor CSA Nov 2013 for Jan 2014 sitting
I attended Dr Giam's Course in Nov 2013 and have just found out I passed
the CSA on my first attempt! This is a fantastic course for practise and I
would advise doing it 6 weeks before as you can really improve on your
weak areas. I also found Dr Giam's material especially his advise on time
management during the consultation and the e-consults very useful.
Must attend course for CSA! Cheers!!

Name : AR
Course Attended : Mentor AKT Jan 2014 sitting
I highly recommend attending Dr Giam's AKT preparation course.  The day is
very intense and thorough due to the large content material of the AKT.  I
found the sessions on stats very useful as it gave me an easier approach to
what I had learned from books and websites.  The mock exam was also
useful as it gave me an idea of the level of the real exam.  
Perhaps the most important benefit was the summary of the hot topics and
guidelines which come up in the AKT.  
This was really handy during my revison.  
Once again I can't thank Dr Giam enough for helping me pass first time!

Name : Salva
Course attended : Mentor AKT Jan 2014 sitting
Thank you for all your valuable guidance. AKT course was excellent!
It guided me well on how to prepare and which topics to focus on .
I passed with overall score of 78.5 % .
scored 70% in stats , 80% in organizational , 79.38% in clinical medicine
Thanks again!

Name :  Bilquis A
Course attended : Mentor AKT for Jan 2014 sitting
I was really very impressed by the Mentor MRCGP Course.
Dr Giam  explanations were very beneficial and focussed
on AKT exam technique.
I would recommend it to other trainees!

Name : Amber A
Course attended : Mentor AKT for Jan 2014 sitting
Highly recommend the course.
It covered a lot and was very useful for the AKT exam.
Thank you for your guidance and support.

Name : CD
Course attended : Mentor AKT for Jan 2014 sitting
85% overall!
I scored 100% on stats!!!
This was make or break for me, so thank you for showing me the right
technique. Stats and critical appraisal very difficult to learn from a book.
You kept it simple and focussed!